Abaca Seda Face Mask


Abaca Seda Face Mask is a hand-tailored face mask made of handwoven abaca seda fiber, a mixture of abaca fabric and silk. As you may probably know, abaca is widely used due to its strong natural fibers. Silk, on the other hand, is a natural fiber known also known for its strength and durability.

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Why buy this abaca seda face mask?

  • Abaca seda face mask has a better filtration rate than an ordinary cloth mask.
  • It has a soft and elastic ear loop made from neoprene fabric.
  • It is washable and reusable.
  • It is made of eco-friendly material.
  • It is made by the local weavers of Aklan, Philippines.

The outer layer of the abaca seda face mask is made of 2-ply handwoven abaca seda for filtration. The single-ply inner layer is made of neoprene fabric making it comfortable to wear.

You may also order via our Shopee Store at shopee.ph/thesunrain

Davao City residents can check out our abaca masks at D’ Turquoise Concept Store along Quirino Avenue near Davao Doc. The store is on the opposite side of Tower Inn Hotel, beside RCBC Quirino Branch.

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